Backyard Poultry

**We are now taking orders for chicks! Head over to the “Special Offers” page for details!**

From starting your flock off to maintenance or harvest, we have all bases covered for you! We have everything you need to ensure your backyard flock’s needs are met. Carrying two premium brands of poultry feed, we guarantee the highest quality nutrition to produce the best egg laying or meat chickens you may have.

Starting your baby chicks off right is what we enjoy doing most! We carry both Purina’s Start and Grow in addition to Kalmbach’s Poultry Starter. These starter feeds provide the perfect amount of nutrition for both egg layers and meat birds.

For egg layers, we carry Purina’s Layena Pellets, Crumbles, & Omega-3  feeds. These different feeds give the basis all egg-laying chickens need. We also carry Kalmbach’s Pellets & Crumbles  which offer premium nutrition at a reasonable price! Try any of these today to see a difference in your flock and eggs today!

Concerning meat birds, both Purina and Kalmbach carry formulated feed especially for these quick growing birds! Containing vitamins and minerals meat birds readily need such as calcium and higher protein, these feeds seek to get the fastest growth from your birds before harvest! Start them off right and finish them off strong!

In addition to all of this, we have a variety of treats, grains, feeders, fountains, vitamins, minerals, grit, and so much more! Stop out today to see what we have and how you can better your flock!