Looking for the best nutrition at some of the best prices for your horse? We here at Koch Farm Service carry two premium lines of horse food that can meet the needs of any horse. We are, first of all, a Purina Mills dealer carrying some of the best equine products possible on the market! Purina has invested innumerable PhD hours into the study, understanding, and application of equine nutrition. Stop in today to speak to us about about equine nutrition and the Purina difference!

New in at Koch Farm Service: Tribute Equine Nutrition by Kalmbach Feeds. This premium horse line boasts amazing nutritional levels for all different horses, including many minerals, amino acids, and proper nutritional level at a reasonable price! Looking for a significant upgrade in equine nutrition without breaking the bank? Tribute Equine Nutrition is your answer. Stop out today for a free consultation, pricing, and recommendation for your horse today!